Technical Information

We're a professional quality cinema with over £100,000 of top of the range equipment.


We are fully equipped to play all 35mm and DCI (Digital) films.

Our projection equipment includes cutting edge digital cinema equipment, as well as a top end 35mm film projector more typically found in private film studio screening rooms.

  • Barco DP2k-10S Digital Cinema Projector.
  • DoReMi ShowVault Digital Cinema Server.
  • Kinoton FP30E 35mm Cinema Projector.
  • Westrex 35mm Long Play Tower system.


While many other cinemas opt for cheap, poor quality disposable 3D systems based on polarised light and silver screens, we've chosen the very best 3D system out there, with high brightness and none of the ghosting.

  • xPand Active 3D System.
  • xPand X103C re-usable active shutter glasses.


We run a full Dolby Digital EX 8-channel surround sound system, with over 5kW of high end amplification.

In Summer 2014, we became the second cinema in the world to install a set of cutting edge Flare Audio speakers for unbeatable sound clarity and accuracy of reproduction.

  • Dolby CP500 Cinema Sound Processor.
  • QSC USA 900 amplifiers.
  • Flare Audio X3C, SB21 & V8 speakers.


  • Flexible seating layout seats up to 220 people.
  • Can be configured as a cinema or conference venue.
  • Catering can be provided at the back of the room as part of events.


Working together with our xPand active 3D system, our matt white screen ensures perfect picture reproduction for 2D and 3D content. There are no hotspots or shadowing, wherever you sit in the room.

  • Harkness 8 metre wide retractable CinemaScope screen.
  • Matt White finish for optimum picture quality.
  • Variable side masking, for content in all aspect ratios.

Alternative Content

We may be a cinema, but we're also set up to use our equipment for all manner of other activities.

  • BluRay, DVD and Computer sources for alternative content.
  • Additional 1080p projection capabilities for pre-show and presentations.
  • Nintendo Wii console. Other consoles can be connected via HDMI.
  • Full Cinema Surround Sound availble for alternative content.

Get Involved

Does getting your hands on over £100,000 of professional cinema equipment sound exciting to you?

If so, consider getting involved. All our equipment is maintained, upgraded and specified by the students who run the club, so this is your chance to run the existing equipment, and decide what gets bought next!

To get involved, drop us a message online or come and have a chat with us at any of our events. No experience is required.


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