A Silent Voice Part I: Preview

Quick information:

Director: Naoko Yamada.
Length: 129 minutes.
Rating: 12A.
Mid-credits scene? No.
After-credits scene? No.

Part I: Preview

It's only been a short five months after our last anime screening of Your Name, but we’ve already decided to show another one (hooray!). This time around, we're excited to be able to screen A Silent Voice, or Koe No Katachi / 聲の形, directed by Naoko Yamada, for your enjoyment! And although I couldn't see Your Name back in January, I'm very excited to see this one.

The romantic drama follows the lives of Shoko Nishimiya (Saori Hayami), a girl bullied for her deafness, and one of her schoolyard tormentors, Shoya Ishida (Miyu Irino and Mayu Matsuoka), whose actions eventually force Shoko to another school. As time passes, Shoya is left with an immense sense of guilt and, in an act of atonement, attempts to make things right with Shoko.

A non-spoilery-trailer trailer can be seen here:

According to the director, the film is more than just a story about bullying, and instead, takes a deeper look at the emotions and feelings that underlie our actions. In an interview with Sakuga Blog, Yamada said, “I think fans of this (manga) series would certainly understand this, but this isn’t just a story that depicts the bullying of hearing-challenged people. It’s a series that also depicts the softness that lies within the harsh portions of our hearts and doesn’t overlook the important portions of that. Generally, everyone wants to connect with others and we all have people that we wanted to get to know.”

More than just that, A Silent Voice also explores how these feelings go on to affect relationships. Speaking to Dazed, Yamada also said, “People interpret what somebody else says the way they want to hear. So normally, everybody has got that problem, that the most important thing is really hard to say to other people. I think if we could communicate better in whatever ways, life would be much simpler and easier. 10 different people have 10 different emotions and 10 different ways to describe each emotion. There’s always frustration and difficulty there, how do we get over it? It's not just Shoko, but all characters have got that frustration.”

And finally, if you’re wondering how it measures up to the manga, Yamada thinks certain parts of the story actually improve on the source material, saying in an interview with Picturehouse, “The character (Shoko) works better in film. We can show that she can’t hear and the audience can feel it more. I wanted to describe how she realizes and process sound. Sound design was very important to this film and I wanted to show what type of sound she does hear and what she’s feeling throughout the film. We tried to objectify sounds, not necessarily as audible sounds, but through vibrations or maybe wave patterns on screen.”

And as if you need any more reason to see this film, Yamada thinks “the cinema is definitely the best place to watch this.”

We’ll be showing A Silent Voice at 19:00 on the 23rd and 25th of May; you can get tickets at the door from 18:45. Oh, and don’t forget to read part II afterwards (I'll try to finish it on Wednesday!) for a more in-depth review with spoilers.

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